my new christmas buddy.

Having a long weekend. Yesterday, 11-11-11, it was férie in france to remind
of the ending of the first world war. That means that all schools were closed and
a lot of people were free from work including me. So I went to Paris (as usual
when I'm free) and stayed there just walking around at Champs Elysée with
Allison. I finished the day with dinner, movie and sleep over at Caitlins place.
Lovely work free friday! 

Today, it's saturday but feels like sunday since I was free yesterday. That
couldn't stop me from going into Paris once again and this time with the goal to
go and see Galeries Lafayette and their christmas decorations that are really
famous. I wasn't dissapointed at all. So beautiful! And of course it suited me
really well right now since I'm longing for christmas so much. I'm so thankful
that someone (even though it's commercial...) just start to decorate the same
time of the year as me so that I can enjoy it everywhere I go!

Galeries Lafayette


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