the view with friends.

Had a really nice time with friends yesterday evening. At first we
went to La Clef and heard some boys playing with their bands. We
were absolutely among the oldest at that place right now. Made me
feel really grown up (since I'm not really that old yet, right?). It also
felt like Sweden and our place in Karlstad for young people where
we can go and hang out, watch bands playing, have some coffee and
so on. (Karlstad, Värmland, Sverige: såklart pratar jag om UNO!)
Afterwards, we went to "the view", some stairs where you can sit
and look out over Paris and later on we also went to a pub in St G.
Not the one that we planned to go to because it was too crowded
there but another one that played Bob Marley all evening wich was
really nice. To sum up: a great evening!

La Clef

The view


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