busy but interesting.

Had a hectic morning with phonetique course at La Clef at 9.00 and then
a guided tour at Le Louvre 10.45 with my agency. It was stressful but I'm
glad I managed to do them both because they were both very interesting.

Phonetiques is a course you can take extra at my language school. It's
only 45 minutes * 4 times but you learn a lot about pronunciation and
how to read the phonetique writing.

The guided tour at Le Louvre was something that my agency send out an
e-mail about and this was the first museum visit of six. We're gonna go see
and talk about the history of art from the Renaissance until todays modern
art. Today we started talking about the Renaissance and the Italian painters that
are very famous from that epoch. This is a really good opportunity since Paris
has so much art to enjoy but it's hard to know where to go and what to see
because there's so much! Just walking around Le Louvre is a challenge itself.
The first four tours are gonna be at Le Louvre and after that there will be one
tour at Musée Orsay and one at Centre Pompidou.

Le Louvre.


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