Lundi, Porto.

Monday in Porto we went to a café as usual to drink our morning coffee. This
morning though, we went to a special café wich is famous in Porto; Café
Majestic. The coffee was good and the place was really nice, but crowded.
I guess I would have liked it more if it were smaller and not so many people
around but it was still very cute with the old interior and the waiters that wear
very proper costumes. 

Afterwards we took the touristbus that went to the ocean. Was so happy to
see water and the sea again. And the waves were just amazingely beautiful.
Saw a lot of important buildings in Porto also but i prefered to take most photos
of the sea since I really loved it. 

The thing that most people think about when they here Porto (besides the
football team) is probebly the port wine wich they produce and mature here.
Of course we needed to go a guided tour in a cave where they stored it. We
chose to go to Sandeman and that was absolutely a great experience since
I'm so bad with wines. Now I know at least a little bit more about the port wine.
At the end of the tour we got to taste two different port wines, on red and one
white. Maybe a little bit to strong for my taste but definitely not bad.


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