So happy today because this weekend my dearest Märta is here visiting.
Spent the day with her, Jasmin and our danish friends eating sushi and
walking around in Paris. Manage to do some shopping also before I met
them. What I bought will I save as a surprise for tomorrow but I can tell
you now that I am so happy about my new clothes. 

Babysitting tonight and my head is just killing me so I will probebly go to
bed in a couple of minutes. My plan is to wake up early and go for a run
in the morning before I'm going to Paris. We'll see how that goes.

Bonne nuit!

Jasmin and Märta.

Found out that it's very popular to take a padlock and lock it at a bridge in
central Paris. Then you write yours and your boyfriend/girlfriends name
so that people can see that you've been there as a couple. Pretty cute!


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