Yesterday me and my friends took the car once again to Versailles, this time
to actually go inside the huge castle (last time we just walked around in the
enormous garden wich was also great since the weather was so nice that day).
We got in for free because I'm a Europian citizen and both of my friends have a Visa
that proves that day are long time residences in Europe. If you can show this you
get in for free in a lot of places in Paris; museums, castles, arc de triomphe and so
on. A really good thing when everything else is pretty expensive!

The castle was really nice, the only not so good part about it was that it was so
crowded. It took away a little bit of the impression. I think we're going back sometime
in december/januari to see it again and hopefully it's not that crowded that time of the
year. (another good thing when you actually live around big tourist attractions, you can
always come back soon and see it again!) Though it was crowded, I really reccomend
going there if you visit Paris sometime. It's so beautiful!

Caitlin and Stevie

The kings bedroom

The queens bedroom, the door to the left is the door where Marie Antoinette
escaped a couple hundred years ago.


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