thoughts about wednesdays.

Wednesday went fast as usual. The feared day of the week for au pairs
aren't so bad for me at all. Probebly because I don't start work until 12.30
and then can have some alone time before. But stil.l if it weren't because I
love my kids and my family I would probebly be like most other girls and hate
it, now I actually like this hard working day.

Tomorrow it's the first of december, too bad I don't have a christmas calender!
Will probebly take a look at the Swedish christmas calender that goes on TV
every year. Looking forward to it!


According to facebook, today is the big making-lussebullar-day. And the
fan of christmas number one joined them of course. I spent all my afternoon
in the kitchen making them but it was definitely worth it. Adventsfika, here I

first advent.

First advent today and this morning I went to the Swedish church to
get the real christmas feeling. It was lovely, I knew all the songs and
chatted with a swedish lady sitting beside me. Afterwards I bought some
presents, ate falafel in Marais and then went back to St G to see a dance
show at Théâtre Alexandre Dumas. A lot of great things on one day! 

I'm listening to Christmas songs on Spotify right now. Found this list
on facebook that a friend of mine made. It gets me into christmas mood.
Maybe I should go downstairs and make me some swedish glögg too. And
I also need to bake Lussebullar soon, I'm craving for it. I'm going all in for
christmas right now.

tänd ett ljus...


Aren't I'm the best au pair when doing american pancakes to my kids
for gouté? (I'm telling myself I did it for them when I actually only
thought about myself and my craving for pancakes when making them) 


jag kommer hem igen till jul.

Two days left for first advent. Six days left for december first. 28 days left
until I'm home in Sweden. 29 days left for christmas.


Time to get up.
Time to get better.
Time to stop laying in bed feeling sorry for myself.
Time to dress up.
Time to go down and take a coffee.
Time to start working.

Some motivations sentences for me to stop being ill and start
living again. Hope it works!


Pretending I'm not feeling like someone shot a hole in my head. My nose
is rinning, my eyes is rinning and the only thing I want to do is go back
to bed and fall asleep again. But oh, I forgot. I can't do that because my
head is killing me. 

Best regards,
Hanna, an au pair with constant illness (like that should be something unusal)

Peace out.


Realized that I actually have my first real job. My first (almost) full time job.
And I like it, a lot! I'm also living in a new country learning a new language
and trying to make a life her. You can think what you want but I'm pretty, damn
proud of myself tonight for doing that! 

Ganska så kool brudi då. (som kommer hem om 32 dagar och då kommer
att krama om mina bästa <3)

love it.

Twilight was the best thing ever, know it's not completely okay to
think like that but I'm saying it anyway. Because I am and will always
be a twilight girl. It's weird how you can feel so much about a book.
It's twilight and Harry Potter that makes me forget about everything
else and just be there and now in what I'm reading/watching.
Just love it!

The Catacombs.

Sunday today and my plans are just to go to La Defense. Buy tickets for Peter Pan,
drink coffee at Starbucks and then go and see twilight. Just perfect for a sunday! 

Yesterday we were at the catacombs under Paris. A little bit scary actually, being
so deep down with a lot of skeletons around you but the funny thing is that you
after a while got used to it and those thousands and thousands of skeletons started
to be just a part of the interior. Apperently they are skeletons from a cemetery in
Paris that needed to be taken away because of some building project and also
skeletons from people who died in a disease a couple of hundred years ago that
they thought would spread if they were buried in an ordinary cemetery.

Waiting more than one hour to get into the Catacombs. 



What is it with a lot of young people here wearing caps with a norwegian flag?
Guess I'm not so far from sweden as I thought.

busy but interesting.

Had a hectic morning with phonetique course at La Clef at 9.00 and then
a guided tour at Le Louvre 10.45 with my agency. It was stressful but I'm
glad I managed to do them both because they were both very interesting.

Phonetiques is a course you can take extra at my language school. It's
only 45 minutes * 4 times but you learn a lot about pronunciation and
how to read the phonetique writing.

The guided tour at Le Louvre was something that my agency send out an
e-mail about and this was the first museum visit of six. We're gonna go see
and talk about the history of art from the Renaissance until todays modern
art. Today we started talking about the Renaissance and the Italian painters that
are very famous from that epoch. This is a really good opportunity since Paris
has so much art to enjoy but it's hard to know where to go and what to see
because there's so much! Just walking around Le Louvre is a challenge itself.
The first four tours are gonna be at Le Louvre and after that there will be one
tour at Musée Orsay and one at Centre Pompidou.

Le Louvre.

Beaujolais noveau.

Yesterday it was the third thursday of November. In France there is a
fête that day every year when you are drinking Beaujolais noveau wine.
Remember when I told you about the fête I was at in Sigean, Southern
France, where we drank noveau wine produced in that area? Anyway,
this is the same but with Beaujolais wine and this is not only done in just
one small place, whole france is "celebrating" it because it's a really popular
wine that is produced in in the wine region Bourgogne (southern France again).

We had a tasting at my school after class with Beaujolais noveau, cheese,
and baguette (of course). So good! Très sympa. Hope we will have more
happenings of this type. No one can say no to food, right?

one good and one bad thing tonight.

So ennoying when you write a long post about beaujolais wine and
what that is and it just disappears just because you did something stupid
on your keyboard. Will write it again tomorrow and post it then instead.

Right now I just want to say, I'M SO CRAZY AWESOME WHEN PARALLEL
PARKING MY CAR!!! Today, outside La Clef, I parked at a spot with
maximum 20cm at each side of the car. Isn't that a good driver or what? 

Going to bed proud tonight. À demain.


This morning:

My dear beloved two-year-old are being sweet and saying "Au revoir, bonne journée".
The only thing is that he says just like that because he wants me to leave so that
he can be alone with his mum. So when I'm trying to go down the stairs he stops
me and pushes me back so that I can't get through and take his mum away from him.
Aren't they lovely sometimes our youngest?

(No offense taken, of course I understand that mum is most important all the time
and he does actually the same with his dad. Just think it's a funny story that says
all about how kids are thinking and acting)


Sometimes you need to be weak and a little girl again so that
you the next day can wake up even stronger.

Morning again, wednesdaymorning again. I'm up way to early just
because I can't change my routins with taking a run wednesday
mornings. Feeling quite proud of it actually! After my run I'm going
away with Caitlin on a secret mission and at lunch time it's hard
work work again. Not that I mind, being au pair is probebly the weirdest,
toughest, hardest work from day to day but it can also be the best,
happiest and the most rewarding job you can ever have as well.
Not very clear maybe but I think my au pair friends out there are
agreeing with me.

candles and christmas.

Just some things that makes me feel good. Thank you Sweden for having
a big swedish shop all over the world. 

For advent.

Christmas mulled wine.

Christmas flower.

Candles with vanilla and cinnamon/apple scent.


More and more for each day I realise how much of a Swedish person
I actually am. Therefore I took my friend Caitlin too IKEA not so far away
from our town. Bought some candles and christmas things and ate salmon
at the restaurant. Just like home. Can't be more happy right now! 


Samlade ihop lite frågor som jag fått och svarat på men inte publicerat. Hoppas
det gör er som funderar på au pairlivet i alla fall lite klokare.

Vad har du för utbildning i franska? Har du läst mer än på gymnasiet?
Jag har läst tre år franska på högstadiet men ingen franska alls på gymnasiet.

Hur gör man för att läsa franska i frankrike? Är det med andra svenskar? Vad kostar det?
I Paris finns det många olika ställen att läsa franska på vilka man oftast anmäler sig till när man
kommer hit. Det är bara att söka på internet eller fråga någon i en utav alla facebookgrupper
som finns för au pairer i Paris. Även i andra delar av Frankrike tror jag att det är lätt att hitta
språkkurser då det är många som vill läsa språk. Jag fick också förslag från min organisation på
olika skolor att gå på och blev även rekommenderad den skola jag läser på nu av den förra au pairen
i min familj.

Man läser med människor (oftast au pairer om man väljer ett “au pair – program” från hela världen och
undervisningen är oftast endast på franska vilket är det bästa om man vill lära sig språket. I min klass
pratar vi bara franska hela tiden och blir tillrättavisade om vi pratar nåt annat. Kan låta svårt och tufft
men man kommer in i det snabbt och vill man lära sig ett språk så måste man faktiskt använda det och
det här är ett självklart sätt att göra det på.

Avgiften för kurserna varierar. Min kurs kostar knappt 1400 euro för två terminer. Har även hört skolor som kostar runt 800 euro för två terminer men man får räkna med att betala lite grann för sin skola. Vissa får skolan
betald av sin värdfamilj men det är något man får göra upp innan och inget man ska räkna med.

Räknas franskautbildningen som en högskoleutbildning när man kommer hem till Sverige igen?
Nej, det flesta franskakurserna räknas inte som en högskoleutbildning i Sverige. Det kan vara skillnad om
man läser franska på ett universitet här men det är ganska ovanligt och jag vet inte riktigt hur en sån utbildning
räknas. Men det är ändå en ovärderlig kunskap och merit för jobb och studier i framtiden.

Hur funkade det i början? Krävde min värdfamilj att jag skulle prata flytande franska när jag kom?
Det är alltid tufft att komma till ett nytt land och jag kämpar fortfarande med språket och livet här. Men man får
ta en dag i taget och se att det kan bara bli bättre. Jag har en jättefin familj som jag trivs bra i men det är en
stor omställning att åka till ett nytt land och bo och arbeta i en ny familj med nytt språk, ny kultur och så vidare så
det får man räkna med.

Tror att det är väldigt ovanligt att familjen kräver att man ska kunna prata flytande franska när man kommer. En del av au pair – livet handlar ju om att man ska lära sig ett nytt språk och då är det ju ingen idé att kunna det perfekt innan man kommer. Däremot skiljer det sig från familj till familj hur mycket franska de vill att man ska kunna prata. En del tycker att det är okej att man inte kan nån franska alls och en del vill ha en au pair med lite mer kunskaper i språket. Det skiljer sig också vad för språk man pratar hemma. Det finns familjer som vill att au pairen ska prata sitt eget hemspråk med barnen, kanske om en av föräldrarna har samma nationalitet som au pairen, och en del familjer vill att man ska prata franska. I min familj pratar jag engelska med barnen för att deras engelska ska utvecklas (även fast min familj är helfransk) och sedan pratar vi franska när föräldrarna är hemma för att jag ska utveckla min franska.

Vilka åldrar på barnen tycker du är lämpligt?
Det beror ju helt på vad man tycker är roligt! Vill man leka mycket med sina barn så ska man väl försöka hitta en familj med mellanstora barn som inte är för små och heller inte för stora. Jag har en två-åring, en elva-åring och en fjorton-åring så jag får både göra småbarnssaker men också lite mer ungdomssaker med det större, som att hjälpa med läxor, skjutsa till aktiviteter och så vidare.

Hur funkar det att komma efter en annan au pair? Blir man jämförd med henne/honom?
Har inte varit några problem alls för mig. Tvärtom. Kommer man till en familj som har haft au pairer förut så vet de mer vad de ska förvänta sig och man får också chansen att prata med förra au pairen, ställa frågor och få en “au pair-bild” av familjen.

Får du stor respekt av barnen, som en extraföräldrer, eller ser de dig mest som en jobbig barnvakt?
Det är viktigt att barnen respekterar en men man är mer en extrasyster än en extraföräldrer. Det är inte mitt jobb att uppfostra barnen utan jag ska följa de regler som föräldrarna har satt upp. Man är inte heller bara en barnvakt. Man är ju någon som bor där och som är en del av deras liv hela tiden och det är något barnen också måste respektera. Det är klart att barn är bara barn och kan bete sig illa ibland men då får man ta upp det med dem och sker de upprepade gånger också med föräldrarna. Du ska aldrig behöva känna dig orolig, rädd eller ledsen inför ditt jobb!

Backar föräldrarna upp dig i konflikter med barnen?
Har inte haft några riktiga konflikter men det tror jag att mina föräldrar skulle göra ja. De pratar alltid om hur viktigt det är att barnen lyssnar på mig och respekterar mig.

Vad får du för lön och vad ska du betala för den?
Jag får 360 euro i månaden. Det enda jag måste betala är mina språkkurser och ifall jag vill åka till Paris nån gång under vardagarna (jag har ett kort som gör att jag åker gratis på helgerna som min familj har köpt åt mig). Mat, boende, internet och telefon betalar min familj för.
Hur har det varit att åka genom en organisation (STS)?
STS har varit jättebra att åka med. Det har gett mig en trygghet och de har kunnat svara på frågor jag haft. Jag har även fått kontakt med andra au pairer genom dem. Att åka privat är dock inget dåligt alternativ, de flesta åker privat och det funkar oftast väldigt bra. Att träffa andra au pairer är aldrig ett problem, det gäller bara att vara noga med att skriva kontrakt och se till att man får en familj som passar en. Sånt som man slipper om man åker genom en organisation då de matchar en med familjer som man får tacka ja eller nej till (man behöver alltså inte leta själv på samma sätt).
Hur mycket barnerfarenhet måste man ha för att åka som au pair?
Jag hade inte jättemycket barnerfarenhet innan jag åkte men åker man med STS så måste man ha minst 200 timmars barnerfarenhet vilket jag ansåg att jag hade. Jag klarar det dock bra här även fast jag inte har lika mycket barnerfarenhet som en del andra au pairer. Tror mest att det handlar om sunt förnuft och att man gillar barn.

Hälsningar från tjejen som faktiskt bor i Paris fast hon knappt kan tro det själv ibland!


Sorry my english friends but this post's gonna be in Swedish since
I got some questions from some swedish readers.

Jag har ju nu varit här i drygt två och en halv månad och mycket har
hänt sen jag första gången satte min fot på fransk mark och mycket
har jag lärt mig. Och tänk då att det är mer än 6 månader kvar i det här
(oftast) fantastiska landet! 

Jag får ju ibland lite frågor här i bloggen vilket jag tycker är jättekul. Det
är många som funderar på hur det är att vara au pair och jag svarar alltid
på era frågor så det är bara att fråga på. Det jag inte har varit så bra på
har att varit att publicera frågor och svar i bloggen. Det tänkte jag göra nu,
men först undrar jag om det är någon fler där ute som har några frågor om
au pair - livet eller rent allmänt om mig och mitt liv här i Frankrike. Skicka en
liten kommentar här under så ska jag försöka svara så gott jag kan! 


Went to Svenska institutet today. Had some swedish bryggkaffe and a
kardemummabulle. Couldn't be more happy! You realise how much you
actually like your own home country and the small things that you
never think about at home but miss like crazy when you can't have them.
Like the swedish word fika for example. A cup of coffee and a cinnamon
bun with people you like and care about. Even though that exist in other
countries too is it hard to actually find a translated word that means the
same thing. Fika is a fika and I will probebly go to the Café Suédois again
soon just to have my fika in a swedish way.


my new christmas buddy.

Having a long weekend. Yesterday, 11-11-11, it was férie in france to remind
of the ending of the first world war. That means that all schools were closed and
a lot of people were free from work including me. So I went to Paris (as usual
when I'm free) and stayed there just walking around at Champs Elysée with
Allison. I finished the day with dinner, movie and sleep over at Caitlins place.
Lovely work free friday! 

Today, it's saturday but feels like sunday since I was free yesterday. That
couldn't stop me from going into Paris once again and this time with the goal to
go and see Galeries Lafayette and their christmas decorations that are really
famous. I wasn't dissapointed at all. So beautiful! And of course it suited me
really well right now since I'm longing for christmas so much. I'm so thankful
that someone (even though it's commercial...) just start to decorate the same
time of the year as me so that I can enjoy it everywhere I go!

Galeries Lafayette


"New" haircolour! Feels so good. I'm home again. 


Colouring my hair right now. Bye, bye blondie! 

christmas soon?

Today is it the 9th of november. That means one and a half month
left until it's CHRISTMAS! I love christmas and all my friends and
family thinks I'm crazy wanting to listen to christmassong, eating
ginger bread cookies and decorate my room with things that belongs
to christmas this early. But that's me! I just love it and I can't resist
when monoprix is already selling christmas cakes. I think I need
to go to IKEA soon to by some decorations and I'm hoping that
my mum will bring dough for ginger bread cookies when she's
coming in a month. 

Soon the month is here wich I've waited for the hole year!
I can't be the only person that feels like this? 

Christmas tree outside of notre dame.


School is harder then ever. Can't believe how I'm ever gonna learn
this weird language. There are so many rules everywhere that
should be followed. But that's not the real problem. The real problem
is that there is a lot of rules that is questioning each other and are
the complete opposite of each other too. How can you ever lern the
rules when it is like that?

But there are a few things that makes me feel better about this weird-
french-that-I-will-never-learn thing: 

  • When you're studying is it completely okay to eat cookies the whole time.
  • When it gets too boring I always fall asleep on my carpet and wake up as a new person
  • The feeling when you understand something is the best feeling in the world!
  • You look pretty smart (and chic) when you're sitting on the RER reading your french book
Coffee, oreos and school books. Doesn't look to bad?


Immediately after work yesterday I took the RER in to Paris for
seeing my swedish friends one last time before Märta was leaving.
She left this morning and I can admit that I'm pretty sad about it.
Was nice to have her here and that made me feel a lot like home
and old times. But it's not so long time before I see my mum again
(she's coming in a month) and after that is it only two weeks before
I'm going home for christmas. That's nothing? Can't believe how fast time
is flying by. 

We went to a restaurant close to Jasmins place. Märta was hungry so
we figured it was best to eat something. The food was good and the
place was really nice (don't remember the name, sorry) but the waiter
was just so rude. Couldn't believe it! He was just stressing us when ordering,
under the time Märta was eating and after when we payed. The whole dinner!
Will probebly not go back there just because of him. Too bad when that sort
of things happen.

museum visit with La Clef.

The museum we went to was Galeries de Paléontologie et d'Anatomie
comparée du Jardin des Plantes. There you could find tons of skeletons
of animals and humans from our time but also fossils. Very interesting
and I was really exited about all the big skeletons. It's crazy to even
think about how these animals lived and are living on our planet. 

Since I was with my school it was free for everybody visiting from La
Clef but this museum as many other museums in Paris is free if you are
under 26 and a european citizen or a long time residence in Europe.
Good thing!

A giraff skeleton and some other animals from the savannah.

A whale skeleton.

Galeries de Paléontologie et d'Anatomie

school, sort of.

School today for the first time in two weeks. But not ordinary school
for me this time. Me and some other girls from my class are going
to Paris with the school to a museum. To be honest, I have know
idea where we're going but it seems cool and it will all be in french
(of course since it is a french course) so I hope I will learn something
new today as well.

Later on it's time to clean the kids rooms. Monda = cleaning day!

À tout a l'heure.


New jacket - H&M

New shoes - H&M 


So happy today because this weekend my dearest Märta is here visiting.
Spent the day with her, Jasmin and our danish friends eating sushi and
walking around in Paris. Manage to do some shopping also before I met
them. What I bought will I save as a surprise for tomorrow but I can tell
you now that I am so happy about my new clothes. 

Babysitting tonight and my head is just killing me so I will probebly go to
bed in a couple of minutes. My plan is to wake up early and go for a run
in the morning before I'm going to Paris. We'll see how that goes.

Bonne nuit!

Jasmin and Märta.

Found out that it's very popular to take a padlock and lock it at a bridge in
central Paris. Then you write yours and your boyfriend/girlfriends name
so that people can see that you've been there as a couple. Pretty cute!

the view with friends.

Had a really nice time with friends yesterday evening. At first we
went to La Clef and heard some boys playing with their bands. We
were absolutely among the oldest at that place right now. Made me
feel really grown up (since I'm not really that old yet, right?). It also
felt like Sweden and our place in Karlstad for young people where
we can go and hang out, watch bands playing, have some coffee and
so on. (Karlstad, Värmland, Sverige: såklart pratar jag om UNO!)
Afterwards, we went to "the view", some stairs where you can sit
and look out over Paris and later on we also went to a pub in St G.
Not the one that we planned to go to because it was too crowded
there but another one that played Bob Marley all evening wich was
really nice. To sum up: a great evening!

La Clef

The view

blogging for you.

I believe I spent the longest time ever blogging today, so many pictures
to show you. But you're absolutely worth it! Now it's friday again and I'm
just on my way out to meet some friends at the local pub here in St. G.
Tomorrow, my dearest Märta is arriving in town. So exited! 

À plus tard!

Jeudi, Porto.

Left Porto early thursday. Set the alarm for 3.00 and our plane left 06.35.
A little bit sad, I will miss it. But still, it's good to be home again (isn't it
crazy that I call Paris my home? and it really feels like it too).

But Porto, I'm not finished with you. À bientôt!

I took some pictures of the apartment in the early morning. Here is the door
that leads to our roof terraces.

Tired but happy and content girl eating her breakfast at 05.00 in the morning
at the airport.

Mercredi, Porto

Brian left us wednesday morning and went back to Edinburgh. Me and
Allison slept in and after a long breakfast (as usual) we took the bus to
a contemporary art museum that had a lovely park. I couldn't take
any pictures inside of the museum but we saw a very nice photo
exhibition there. Will try to go and see some photo exhibitons in France
too since I realized that that's really something I like. We probebly have
tons of them. 

We finished our day at a restaurant by the river. It was heavy rain but that
made the atmosphere more cozy and we had a very nice time sitting inside
listening to the rain.

Rose garden.
Porto, Portugal 2/11 - 11

Taking a coffee break after looking at the photo exhibiton.

Allison at the dinner. Sad to leave Porto maybe?

Mardi, Porto

Started the day at a very local café where we definitely were the only
ones from another country then Portugal. We sat there with all the old
men over 60 and drank our coffee. The coffee was good so I didn't mind
at all really, it was actually quite nice to be at a place where only the locals
go to. 

Then we went to the cathedral that was just close to our terrace (we actually
had tourist watching us eating breakfast and reading all the time because
you could look down to our terrace from the cathedral). We went in and
listened to the priest for a while and then we went out to look at the view.
The weather was on our side this day and the sun was shining!

I was longing for the sea so we took the tourist bus once again to the beach
and had lunch there before we walked without shoes in the sand feeling the
water when the waves came into land and I was all happy!

Coffee at the local café.

The cathedral.

View from the cathedral.

Looking down at our terrace, ours is the one to the left with the read chairs.

Having lunch by the sea.


Lundi, Porto.

Monday in Porto we went to a café as usual to drink our morning coffee. This
morning though, we went to a special café wich is famous in Porto; Café
Majestic. The coffee was good and the place was really nice, but crowded.
I guess I would have liked it more if it were smaller and not so many people
around but it was still very cute with the old interior and the waiters that wear
very proper costumes. 

Afterwards we took the touristbus that went to the ocean. Was so happy to
see water and the sea again. And the waves were just amazingely beautiful.
Saw a lot of important buildings in Porto also but i prefered to take most photos
of the sea since I really loved it. 

The thing that most people think about when they here Porto (besides the
football team) is probebly the port wine wich they produce and mature here.
Of course we needed to go a guided tour in a cave where they stored it. We
chose to go to Sandeman and that was absolutely a great experience since
I'm so bad with wines. Now I know at least a little bit more about the port wine.
At the end of the tour we got to taste two different port wines, on red and one
white. Maybe a little bit to strong for my taste but definitely not bad.

Dimanche, Porto.

We spent our second day in Porto on a tourist boat, reading, having coffee
and of course eating wich was one of our favourite things to do. The food in
Porto was really good and also very cheap wich was good for us who travelled
with a small budget because then we could still go to this really nice restaurants,
having a good meal and drink good wine without paying so much. I would
guess that Paris is about twice as expensive when it comes to restaurants than
Porto is. Another reason why Porto is a good place for travellers.

Breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Morning coffee at a café.

The main square in Porto.

Reading in the sun.

Douro tour.

Allison met a new friend when buying coffee on the boat.

Having dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Probebly the best pasta I've
ever tasted.

Samedi, Porto

Me and Allison arrived in Porto 14.30 this saturday. We bought some coffee
(finally someone in this world could give me a decent latte that wasn't
crazy expensive) and headed towards the metro. A nice surprise was that we
ended up at probebly the nicest metro in europe, wich was the fact about Portos

We went to our apartment wich also was a very pleasant surprise. Big, modern,
clean and with two roof terraces with a beautiful view over the city. In the appartement
was Allisons friend Brian waiting who arrived earlier then us because he took a flight
from Edinburgh.

All three of us went for a tour to see a little bit more of the city wich is so beautiful!
Hope the pictures will prove it do you. We finished the day with dinner at a restaurant
close to our appartement. Salmon for me of course!

Probebly the nicest metro in the world is the one Porto have.

What to do? We are in Paris wherever we go. 

View from top terrace.



back and alive.

I'm back, I'm alive and I have a lot of photos just as I promised. But right
now I just need to study a little bit before picking up my kids for Tennis. So
hopefully I will put them on the blog tonight or early tomorrow. Ciao.

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