Porto's going to be great!

Going to Portugal for some days with my friend Allison and her
friend Brian. I'm sure we will have a great time and I promise
you I will take lots of photos!

A bientôt!

We're going to Porto babe!

Third day, Sigean.

Third day; dimanche:

Started the day with rugby final at the local café. What an atmosphere
with all the screaming and exited people in that small café. Unfortunatly,
France lost but it was a really great game nevertheless.

Dejeuner in perfect Wiklund spirit. Some yogurt, cereal and eggs.

You never know what to find when you're out biking in a new area. This
picture is taken outside the fence of the african safari park in Sigean.

Wine everywhere!

Car trip in the mountains.

Dîner the last day before leaving.

Second day in Sigean.

Second day; samedi:
Out biking from Sigean to Narbonne and back, 55 km. Such a beautiful

Stopping at a café on our way back.

Noveau vin fêtes à Sigean. Wine that's only a month old is tasted for the
first time after the harvest. Very genuine and nice with all inhabitans in
Sigean listening to the local brass band.

first day in Sigean.

Sigean was lovely with friends and family. Spending the time with people
you've missed talking swedish, eating good food, biking and a lot more in
a very nice town can't be anything else then perfect. Can't wait to go back
there soon again and this trip made me also exited in travelling more in France.
Maybe Nice or Marseilles is next?

Some photos from my trip.
First day; vendredi:

Dejeuner at the terrace on the second floor

Sightseeing tour in Sigean.


Old men playing boules, the biggest game in this city it seemed.

View from the roof terrace.

"My" room.

Tried snailes for the first time in my life, not bad at all.



Going to southern France tomorrow, or tonight. Leaving at 05.00 from my
house so I better go to bed now to get at least some sleep this night. But I
guess I can sleep on the train since it's almost a 5 hour long trip. 

See you on monday my dear readers. Ciao. 

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