Le Chat Potté.

Last night I had family night with my host family. We went to the cinema
all five together (the oldest girl was away this weekend with her school,
usually we're six all together) and saw Chat Potté, the new movie by Pixar.
It was fun and also the first 3D movie I've seen at the cinema. The 3D was
better than I expected. Thought it would be very bad quality and more irritating
for the eyes than fun but it wasn't at all. The quality was really good and I
will probebly see more movies in 3D in the future. Was a little bit funny though,
to take a two year old to a 3D cinema. He didn't really understand what the
glasses was all about so he watched most of the movie without them. 

Afterwards we went to McDonalds and had dinner. Couldn't have ended
my weekend in a better way than that.


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