Mardi, Porto

Started the day at a very local café where we definitely were the only
ones from another country then Portugal. We sat there with all the old
men over 60 and drank our coffee. The coffee was good so I didn't mind
at all really, it was actually quite nice to be at a place where only the locals
go to. 

Then we went to the cathedral that was just close to our terrace (we actually
had tourist watching us eating breakfast and reading all the time because
you could look down to our terrace from the cathedral). We went in and
listened to the priest for a while and then we went out to look at the view.
The weather was on our side this day and the sun was shining!

I was longing for the sea so we took the tourist bus once again to the beach
and had lunch there before we walked without shoes in the sand feeling the
water when the waves came into land and I was all happy!

Coffee at the local café.

The cathedral.

View from the cathedral.

Looking down at our terrace, ours is the one to the left with the read chairs.

Having lunch by the sea.


Postat av: malla

åh havet! <3 du! allisons kompis är ju rätt lik din kompis viktor (eller hur han nu stavade?)

2011-11-05 @ 09:51:36

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