Immediately after work yesterday I took the RER in to Paris for
seeing my swedish friends one last time before Märta was leaving.
She left this morning and I can admit that I'm pretty sad about it.
Was nice to have her here and that made me feel a lot like home
and old times. But it's not so long time before I see my mum again
(she's coming in a month) and after that is it only two weeks before
I'm going home for christmas. That's nothing? Can't believe how fast time
is flying by. 

We went to a restaurant close to Jasmins place. Märta was hungry so
we figured it was best to eat something. The food was good and the
place was really nice (don't remember the name, sorry) but the waiter
was just so rude. Couldn't believe it! He was just stressing us when ordering,
under the time Märta was eating and after when we payed. The whole dinner!
Will probebly not go back there just because of him. Too bad when that sort
of things happen.

Postat av: m

Åh saknar er redan! <3

2011-11-08 @ 17:36:09

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