Samedi, Porto

Me and Allison arrived in Porto 14.30 this saturday. We bought some coffee
(finally someone in this world could give me a decent latte that wasn't
crazy expensive) and headed towards the metro. A nice surprise was that we
ended up at probebly the nicest metro in europe, wich was the fact about Portos

We went to our apartment wich also was a very pleasant surprise. Big, modern,
clean and with two roof terraces with a beautiful view over the city. In the appartement
was Allisons friend Brian waiting who arrived earlier then us because he took a flight
from Edinburgh.

All three of us went for a tour to see a little bit more of the city wich is so beautiful!
Hope the pictures will prove it do you. We finished the day with dinner at a restaurant
close to our appartement. Salmon for me of course!

Probebly the nicest metro in the world is the one Porto have.

What to do? We are in Paris wherever we go. 

View from top terrace.




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