Beaujolais noveau.

Yesterday it was the third thursday of November. In France there is a
fête that day every year when you are drinking Beaujolais noveau wine.
Remember when I told you about the fête I was at in Sigean, Southern
France, where we drank noveau wine produced in that area? Anyway,
this is the same but with Beaujolais wine and this is not only done in just
one small place, whole france is "celebrating" it because it's a really popular
wine that is produced in in the wine region Bourgogne (southern France again).

We had a tasting at my school after class with Beaujolais noveau, cheese,
and baguette (of course). So good! Très sympa. Hope we will have more
happenings of this type. No one can say no to food, right?


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