cold holiday.

I'm home again after this amazing weekend in Sigean. Hope
you enjoyed all the photos, was such an amazing area so my
camera I took photos all the time. 

Work has started again. This week my kids are free from school
so I'm home with them all day long. Not so hard forme though
since my kids are pretty old and mostly hang around with their
friends or with each other. Tomorrow me and the boys are going
to the cinema. It's the first time for the two year old so this is
little bit of a test to see if he enjoys it and can stay quite for more
then an hour. We're going to see "Un monstre à Paris" and as childish
as I am I really look forward to it.

In Paris it's cold now, colder then in southern France. Because of
that I'm just laying with a blanket on my cozy carpet and watching
movies right now. Think I'm gonna continue with that for a while.


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