As I told you before I'm home with the kids this week since they are free
from school. But no worries, it's not to hard on me. Actually we have done
some really fun stuff that we never have time to do when there is school,
homework, activities, shower, dinner and then bedtime on the weekdays.

Wednesday, me, T & C went to the cinema. It was the first time for T
(the two-year-old) so it was really exiting to see how he would react to it.
I was a bit shocked because he was a really nice boy the whole movie and
sat quiet in his chair almost all the time. One time he just wanted to sit in
the knee of me and C and talk about the movie. But then we just told him
that you need to be quiet at the cinema and he actually listened! 

Thursday, I took the two oldest ones to Cité des sciences in Paris. A really
fun place for kids (and grown ups to...) where you can go and see exhibitions.
Both permanent and temporary. We wanted to see an exhibition about the Gauls
who they showed right now. The exhibition was really nice; a lot of interactive
stuff, pictures and movies and I think the kids liked it. And of course we ended
the Paris trip with McDonalds. (YES!) 

An other exhibition about the universe that they showed at Cité des sciences.


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